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Posted by AFTAB RAJA

Lets start with the purpose of our life… A great man said once, We all are here on earth to help others; What on earth the others are here for I don’t know. If I sneak into the deepest root cause, I find myself at the worst moment of my life seeking help from others, expecting friends to help me with the very situation and praying, ‘help me’. What I discovered is that the intimate connection between me and The Helper was that ‘prayer’. And no need to tell there are millions of people who are praying every second for help inside their heart and going through the toughest situation and facing worst of their life. Hence, we aspire to become that connection, which connects the needy to the help.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Thus we provide you a free platform, where you are free to help others or bring the needy to our shade. Our first priority sets for the poor children; as they are future of our country. They have right to get a good nurturing and get free from those barriers of society which restrained their path to lead a healthy and independent life. We can help them discover the things within themselves. We look forward to provide the basic amenities and a better counselling to them with a futuristic view to invest time in worthy things to make themselves worthy so they could grow up well and serve the nation and add to its development. We look forward to carry the task of aiding them with financial help they would need in every step. If we nurture them today, they will remember us tomorrow.

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